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GrowthFunders Crowdfunding Blog.

Crowd funding industry commercial funding investment news.

GrowthFunders is an equity CROWDFUNDING platform designed and built to connect serious investors with ambitious entrepreneurs.

We work with entrepreneurs to ensure businesses are investment ready, structured correctly to accept investment and SEIS / EIS scheme compliant where possible.

GrowthFunders, a straightforward streamlined way for entrepreneurs to raise equity finance and for serious investors to access tax efficient investment opportunities with high growth potential.

GrowthFunders ‐ empowering entrepreneurs and investors.


  Creating a Killer Pitch
  Coming soon - Download our e-book giving you tips 
  on creating the killer pitch.


GrowthFunders offer ambitious entrepreneurs the ability to raise equity finance for their business in a simple, 7 stage, streamlined process.


GrowthFunders offers simple, straight forward solutions to invest. Whether you are an experienced business angel, a latent business angel, or a VC you can invest anything from £100 to the full amount into businesses with high growth potential.


Become and Partner with Growth Funders Simple - straightforward way to refer capital for growth. Quick - streamlined process, available with no monthly cost or setup fee. Effective - Sign up to be a partner and receive up to 50% of the fees.