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The way we invest and raise capital is changing. Technology is a fantastic enabler, for investors it opens up new ways to invest, new asset classes, giving more choice and more freedom. For businesses raising capital, online alternative finance platforms are providing and co-ordinating funding solutions to support growth.

Any discussion of growth industries has, in recent years, felt incomplete without some mention of Fintech. The use of technology and innovation within the financial services industry, an authoritative new report published by GP Bullhound presents further evidence of Fintech's continued global success, identifying complementary drivers across different markets.

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Growth Capital Ventures in Newton Aycliffe has also received a £1.1m investment which has helped it create 12 new jobs


North East fintech firm Growth Capital Ventures is set to help ambitious businesses access capital to grow from a £57.5m investment fund.

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For over two decades higher rate taxpayers have been drawn to invest in Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) eligible small and medium-sized businesses that offer high growth potential.

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An Introduction To Intelligence Fusion

Posted By Lauren Miller Tuesday 9 May, 11:20 AM


Intelligence Fusion (IF) is a startup technology business operating in the security and risk management sector and specialising in situational awareness. The co-founders, Michael McCabe and Daniel Harrington, have deep sector knowledge and experience in both the public and private sectors. Beginning their careers in the British Armed Forces, they both specialised in the protection of people and assets in the UK and high risk countries.

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Q&A with the Founders of Care Messenger®

Posted By Lauren Miller Friday 5 May, 13:35 PM

CareMessenger QandA Header - revised.jpg

We spoke to Paul Slaughter (CEO) and Wayne Muter (Creative Solutions Director) about the product, the business and the future of Care Messenger®.

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An Introduction To Care Messenger®

Posted By Lauren Miller Friday 28 April, 22:15 PM


Care Messenger ( is a unique, simple, direct-to-TV messaging and video pop-up service which overlays a live TV broadcast stream without any need to change channels or inputs.

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Investment Readiness

Posted By Lauren Miller Tuesday 21 February, 15:35 PM

Raising growth capital for businesses is a challenge. It can take a lot of time and focus which means the day job of building the business or product and driving revenues can be hindered.

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Q&A with Protected Species

Posted By Lauren Miller Tuesday 7 February, 8:56 AM

QandA with Protected Species interview with the investee.png 

We spoke to Rebecca McElligott, Co-Founder at Protected Species about the company, the products and the future...

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Protected Species, an Introduction

Posted By Lauren Miller Wednesday 1 February, 8:56 AM



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Posted By Lauren Miller Thursday 26 January, 10:03 AM

AMPLYFI email header overfunding.png

AMPLYFI have been raising funds on the GrowthFunders platform for less than two weeks and are now overfunding, currently at 101% with five days to go (£11,000 over their original target).

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